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Andrew Magarian


As a young actor, I remember sitting on the steps behind the theater and helping out some of my classmates with their scenes. I really enjoyed that process, seeing it click and come together. I’ve also always been very drawn to sports, teamwork and learning to compete and win by getting it right, doing what you’re capable of, reaching, chasing your potential. I saw a correlation to successful sports teams and how a cast and crew come together to share their story. I wanted to do that, put those things together. In my youth, UCLA and John Wooden, Red Auerbach, Bill Russell and the Celtics were dominant. They became the influences that guided me on developing a way to teach, coach and story tell. I wanted an approach that physicalized the process as well so that the moment to moment of storytelling was physical,  thoughtful and emotional. So, I came up with a series of games that highlight the right acting values and teach in the doing, the playing of them.

As my students become successful, their success is my success. We win by winning the little things, the moments. It accumulates, you stay with the fundamentals, continue to create and cultivate the right habits, give no moment away. I was hired to coach on sets, TV and Movies. Continued classes and coaching, and now taping in-person and coaching by zoom. Forty years later, I am still enjoying that process, seeing it click and come together, helping students realize their potential.

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